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about AQ

I guess I should write a few words about Armageddonquest just in case there are some AQ fans who've tuned in here. Or in case you've never
heard of it.

Besides the entire graphic novel itself, there are several AQ tie-ins here on this home page--an illustrated AQ Gallery section in the Comix pages, several text-only AQ Stories under Tales, featuring Tazio and Immanuel as well as other AQ folk, like Buffone and Jytte and The Ghost.

Before AQ I wrote a series of graphic novels(comic books)about a prison, which introduced both Immanuel (Slammer Comix) and Tazio (The Prison and the Planet), herewith documented in the Comix pages.

Anyway,Armageddonquest, was published as a nicely-packaged Trilogy in 1996 by Sirius Entertainment (New Jersey). Which was great, since I had worked 10 years on AQ with no guarantee that it would ever become published at all. Robb Horan, my Number One Guy at Sirius, was coaxing me to write/draw some more, but I was burned out by concentrating on one project so long. As of yet there is no sequel.

Instead I've been working on this 3R Home Page, writing and presenting other original stories, drawings, photos, songs, etc. But, of course I'd like to continue AQ, (I like it, like the characters--I've known them for years) so I've been taking notes, playing plots in my head--the story's there, I just have to do all the hard time-consuming work of putting it on paper.

But there's also a certain amount of magic involved in writing/drawing that story, it ain't easy to get it all zapping again, (especially since I work every day at a real job, you know) but I believe that if I ever do get started it'll take off on its own and I'll be drawing like crazy for the next 10 years just to keep up with the where the story will take me this time. So I've got to be ready go through an ordeal like that again.


about COMIX

This is where I stack up most of the stuff I've drawn over the years: comic books, cartoons, post cards, advertisements, etc.

When I started this web site in 1998 I was using my good ol' Amiga computer and a slow modem, so I had to be careful not to put any heavy graphics online, since they took too long uploading. So I presented a few comic pages as small b & w .gifs-- max 50 kb-- but of course, I didn't like how they looked onscreen: grey, unclear, chincy. Since then I've upgraded everything and have embraced the power of a modern PC, Photoshop, and Broadband Internet.

So I'm assuming that You, My Dear Readers, also have that kind of computer capability as well, so now I've gone ahead and posted a LOT of semi-heavy comix pages (over 400 of 'em, averaging 100 kb each) in the Comix section, presented in a Cinemascopic double-paged format, just like reading a real live comic book (to get it all onscreen, hitting the F11 Key is recommended). After experimenting with various clumsy navigation methods for getting from page to page, I finally got around to the most simple technique: just click on the pages themselves.

Some of the shorter stories are in nice pretty colors, having been recently enhanced with Photoshop, such as Cosmikids and the Snail Tails mini-trilogy. But coloring comic books actually takes a lot of time and effort (about an 8 hours work day per page), so the longer stories have simply too many pages for one man to process. Slammer Comix being 48 pages long, Guard Comix 138, The Prison and the Planet has 198. So I've simply posted them as-is, any "cleaning up" to be done later.



AQ Stories such as The Enlightenment of Immanuel", a (sorta) short story about when the very young & unsuspecting 17th Incarnation of Christ receives The Word of God. Or new Tazio stories such as Wandering Superhero Hitchhiker, filling in the "lost years" from the AQ Trilogy. I may or may not retell them in graphic novel format (elegant buzz words meaning "draw it as a comic book story") later on, as I plot out the new up & coming AQ II (or whatever it'll be called. But these stories are already part of the AQ Mythology.


about SONGS

The 3R Songbook is a collection of songs I've written over the years. Click
here and you'll see it over on the sidebar to the left without leaving this page.

Now, I really don't expect anyone to go reading through each & every one of the 80+ songs presented here, especially when they have never heard (nor heard of) them, but this is my big chance to publish them in some way, so here they are. I really just assembled all this stuff because I had it laying around-- and because it was fun to do.

You can also hear many of the songs as MP3 Audio Files, which can be downloaded from the Songbook. These are home-studio recordings of my own original songs, by the way, so they are 100% legal to download.

The truth is that it's been a while since I was being the blow- 'em- away- hitchhiking- singing/songwriter, but I was really into it in the 60/80's, and I'm proud of these songs. I still perform them now & then at festive occasions.

Since I've had people ask me for copies of several of my "Top Hit Songs", so that they could learn them, they're presented here with chords annexed to the lyrics. A valuable resource.

I can recommend a few of them for those who might be semi- interested: The biggest all-time fan-pleaser was the Wreck of the Starship Enterprise, my Star Trek song...at least until I moved to Denmark, where they don't GET it. Other science fiction songs: Romance of War, and 98 Light Years. But over here in Europe they prefer my travelling songs like Romantic City (about Paris), or Christmas Day in Katmandu (Nepal), or One More Horny Gringo (Mexico).

My musical credentials are really good, by the way : I never learned to read a note of music, just like the Beatles. I had a voice that could compare favorably (or not?) with Bob Dylan's. And I hitched all over the world with a guitar instead of a Walkman (talkin' pre-.MP3 here), so it was the only music I had. I occasionally played for money in the streets, open mikes, was in a country-rock band in Monroe, Washington (Guesswork), but never went pro. Oh yeah, once I even had a manager who believed that I was hot stuff (hi Al, if you're out there!) and we made a demo and drove down to Los Angeles on a PR tour-- and actually ended up with an "offer" from Warner Brothers Music. Nothing ever came of it, of course, I didn't have time or drive enough to dedicate myself to a musical career...but hey, I coulda been a contender...(?)


about TALES

Tales section is original fiction; short stories, novelettes, experimental HTML story projects, a couple of novels, mostly science-fiction.

I had quite a bit of already-written material to draw from which I've always wanted to do something with, so posting it on Internet was the only logical solution. I'd always been planning to polish those things up someday and submit them for publication somewhere, so here they are. Stuff like Adam Out of Eden, my Sasquatch novel. And my sword & sorcery tale of the Tarot Cards, Crown the Clown, both hereby presented as "HTML Books". Also AQ Stories, containing short stories about Tazio and Immanuel, in text form rather than graphic.

There are several newer stories written expressly for this Home Page, such as Transplantee, Change the Future, Copies, The Twain, to mention a few, well as a couple of movie scripts, and some cute little short shorts. There are already many thousand words in Tales, and more coming. I might just fill the whole thing up some day.



INTO JUPITER was originally written as an HTML project, so it has never existed in any other form. Halfway through the process I learned about FRAMES and so optimized it to work that way. If you can't run Frames, there is also a Non-Frames Version that can be
DOWNLOADED , but I decided not to compromise this website with 2 different formats in conflict. However, one CAN negotiate through the pages of the story Non-Frames by use of the Control Panel, or view the illustrations independantly with the XtraViewer, both of which are located on the "Endings" page.



Almost everything else on his web site is fiction, fantasy (crass escapist trash!), but this section is where I stash the true stories (crass journalism). Personal experiences, articles about what's happening where I am, travel documentaries, all my Nonfiction writings end up here.

Since I live in Copenhagen, and have spent several years travelling around Europe, Asia, Latin America, some of this stuff can be entertaining for all my stay-at-home never-go-nowhere fellow Americans. Or hard-core travellers, I don't know, whatever.

For example, there's a real live Ghost Story which actually happened to me in jolly old... well... creepy old England, a true Mummy Adventure (set in Egypt, of course), a letter from a houseboat on the Ganges, a report on being in Denmark while the "Mohammed Drawings" were causing such a fuss in the Arab World. Fascinating highlights of Berlin, Budapest, Prague, etc... lots of etc.



Crown the Clown has been one of my endless projects, first written in 1979 while hitchhiking to LA, into one of those bound books with blank pages. The idea was that each chapter would correspond to a card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, but that blank book didn't have enough pages to expand that much, so I had to make the story pretty compact to fit within that physical framework. (Sometimes it's fun to work with limitations-- scratch that, it's always fun: that's what Life & Art is all about.) But eventually I rewrote it on computer and included all the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Then decided to do it as a HTML book. But it took a while to get around to drawing all those 22 cards, until something went CLICK and I stayed up night after night slaving over hot pixels until...well, until it was finished.

You can find Crown the Clown under
Tales, of course. Check it out-- print it out, I don't care, just as long as you don't sell it without cutting me in.


Armageddonquest: a 900-page graphic novel about Tazio, the reluctant Antichrist, a sci-fi/fantasy variation of the Biblical "Book of Relevations", written/drawn by Ronald Russel Roach, once published as a Trilogy by Sirius Entertainment, now published here as a web comic.

There. Now you've heard of it, back to where you were.