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Here's more Wild Adventures, Exotic Travels, Astounding Episodes, etc, but these are

3 R ' s
R E A L     S T U F F

True Stories, Eyewitness Accounts, Semi-Qualified Opinions, Philosophical Truths...

Most of my Home Page is fiction-- sci-fi, fantasy, comix-- but this section is Nonfiction (ACTUAL rather than VIRTUAL reality) taken from letters, travel notes, essays, etc, written over the years from the perspective of Backpacking World Traveller and Local Foreigner.

The new special attraction in Copenhagen-- an artificial mountain which serves as a power-plant and a ski-slope.

Burks Køkken-Bar
Our kid Mads has a new workplace downtown Copenhagen.

Yet Another Eurotrip-- 2018
Summer Vacation Report for 2018-- on the road with our faithful new (2003) VW Multivan.

Eurotrip 2016
Summer Vacation Report for 2016-- on the road with the faithful old van... maybe for the last time ever.

A True Haunted House Story
hitchhiking through Jolly Old England on a stormy night, young 3R comes upon an abandoned house where he can crash...

Mummies in the Dark
in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, 3R meets the mummies, sorta like an Indiana Jones adventure, only do-it-yourself

Benares (Varanasi)
back when 3R was a Road Bum, hanging out in India in those great old 60's

A German Birthday Party
3R goes on the road again to visit his old buddy Alf in exotic Weinheim, little expecting the lustiness of die Deutsche Frauen

Clinton Drops In
The impact of an American President visiting little Denmark in 1997

Culture Night in København
Every year Copenhagen celebrates Kulturnat

The Great Danish Strike of 1998
What it's like when they turn off a country's supply of food and fuel

250th Anniversary of the Royal Theater
See how the finest folk in town show up for the ceremony

A Trip to Prague, 1999
Let's czech out life in the modern Czech Republic.

A Trip to the Tip of Denmark
Travelling around in our own little land during April of 2002

How About Budapest?
It's hunky-dory to be hungry while hanging out in Hungary's capital city.
If you have foreign money, that is.

Naturist Camping by the Adraitic Sea
here's the SUMMER POSTCARD of our trip to Slovenia & Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 2002

Berlin 2004
We visit Berlin for the 3rd time over 38 years-- funny, place keeps changing

Denmark Under Seige
In early 2006 the Moslem World was in uproar over the 12 Mohammed cartoons published in Denmark. Here's a newsletter I wrote to family and friends about our perceptions of the event from Copenhagen

Summer Postcard 2008
Yet another camping trip around Germany & Italy in our cute little van. Old hippies never give up!

My First Trip to CUBA - 2013
Two old farts on the road in Cuba. Now that's adventure!

Bigfoot Boy Band
We play songs ostensibly written by a Bigfoot (as found in AOOE).

Marianne's Puzzles
One of my wife's hobbies is making Jigsaw Puzzles, sometimes I even help

Real København
My personal website about the city foreigners call Copenhagen